About Us

We all want our homes to feel cozy, look nice, and be functional. But is it possible for one person to equip and furnish the household all by oneself? Of course, it is. However, here at TheComfyNorth, we believe there’s an easier way. You don’t have to spend hours researching all the available options on your own. We have already done the biggest and hardest part for you and gathered all the information you may need to find the best products for your home. favourite-weighted-blanket

What Exactly Do We Do?

When overenthusiastic advertising claims overwhelm you and contradictory user reviews make you feel even more confused, we come to shed light on the products you’re interested in. Whether you need a new lawnmower or a set of bedsheets, we are here to help you make the right choice. Our team of enthusiasts researches the market, studies other users’ experiences, and personally tests the products to examine its features and detect all the possible issues. We try to give you the most comprehensive information on both the best-selling items and lesser-known brands so that you know exactly what you’re buying.  Now, we also study product features and technical specifications to understand what types of users will benefit the most from this or that product. That’s how we can recommend items that are more suited for you, helping you set clear expectations and avoid making a purchase you might regret.

What Kinds of Products Do We Test and Review?

Since our main goal is to help our fellow Canadians make their homes more comfortable, our reviews cover a wide range of items and accessories for both your indoor and outdoor areas. You can find reviews of products for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even garden. From big to small, from furniture to milk frothers, we sift through items in different categories to point out those that bring the best value for money and can make your home a better place. 

Our Team

Alex Savy - Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Alex Savy

Living in Toronto, Alex knows how hard it can be to find what would work for you. Alex carefully studies the thriving Canadian market and does thorough research to help fellow Canadians pick only the best items. He monitors the reviewing process and contributes his knowledge and expertise to ensure the proper information delivery. Alex researches the market and includes various categories to find the best items that can help Canadians avoid disappointments when shopping. He reviews some of the products himself as well and especially enjoys testing mattresses.


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Anna Chiranova - Co-Founder and Creative Director 

Anna makes sure that you like what you see when visiting TheComfyNorth. She works on the visual part of the website, including video reviews, articles, and the layout of the pages. She directs the video reviews and often participates in product testing herself. Anna’s goal is to make the website's visual content pleasant for the readers while they obtain useful info.

On top of that, Anna is a responsible person who makes sure everything runs smoothly in the company. She overlooks the content and the programming department, organizes events, and manages the team. With her 5-year experience as a Manager of the Event Department at Veritprop LTD, Anna effectively takes care of the work organization here at, which results in the content quality you receive. 


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