Best Direction to Sleep in Canada

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Sleep is an essential process that keeps the body functioning properly and guarantees better health. Therefore, it should be no surprise that lack of proper sleep can cause damaging health issues. That's why it is essential to follow certain sleeping practices —such as the sleeping direction— that ensure proper sleep. 
Today, we'll discuss some practices that have been found to positively impact sleep quality. So, stay with us as we discuss the best direction to sleep in Canada.

Key Takeaways

  • According to Vastu experts, the South is considered the best direction for sleeping, followed by the east.
  • Sleeping facing the south lowers blood pressure and improves sleep quality.
  • Sleeping northward can create tension that may lead to headaches, making it difficult to enter the REM sleep phase.

What's The Best Direction to Sleep in Canada?

So, in what direction should you sleep? In Canada, the south is the best direction to sleep for good health.  This means the sleeper's head should face southward while the feet should point towards the north. Sleeping towards the south aligns the body's magnetic energy with the earth's magnetic energy.

Why Is South the Best Sleeping Direction?

According to Vastu, humans may be sensitive to the electromagnetic energies of the earth [1].

After hours of research, I discovered that when you sleep towards the south, you align your body's magnetic energy with the Earth's.” “Moreover, because your head —which is the north pole— is facing the Earth's south pole, opposite poles can attract when sleeping with your head facing south and help blood circulation.

Sleeping with your head facing southward has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve sleep quality. On the other hand, some experts believe that disrupting this balance and sleeping with the head facing the north may contribute to high blood pressure and headaches.

What Happens If We Sleep Towards the North?

Sleeping with the head to the north isn't ideal because of the influence of the earth's magnetic energies. This sleeping direction can cause blood pressure fluctuations and make pumping blood into the heart difficult. 

Furthermore, iron is present in the blood, and the magnetic forces when sleeping towards the north attract iron, causing an effect on the brain that may cause headaches or other health issues.  According to research, some people who sleep with their heads facing north may reach rapid eye movement (REM) longer than sleepers that face south. REM is a crucial sleep stage that enhances cognitive function and overall health.

Other Principles of Sleep from Eastern Medicine

Apart from sleeping direction, many more sleep principles are practitioners of eastern medicine. Vastu shastra and feng shui emphasize the significance of the balance of energies and designing your sleeping space to improve sleep quality and overall health [2]. Here are other principles that promote better sleep according to eastern medicine.

  • Don't place mirrors in front of the bed.
  • Arrange the bed directly against a wall, not a window.
  • Clear the room of electronics and clutter.
  • Design the bedroom in a way that encourages positive energy.
  • Repaint the bedroom.

If these sleep practices don’t help, visit any of these sleep clinics in Toronto for assistance.


Where is the best direction to sleep, according to Vastu?

So, in what direction should you sleep? According to Vastu, the best direction to sleep in is facing southward.

Therefore, I recommend that your feet face the north while the head faces toward the south.

Where is the best direction to sleep as per feng shui?

South is the best direction to sleep according to Feng shui. Feng shui practitioners advise sleeping southward because of China's natural climate, which blows warm winds from the south.


Is the west direction good for sleeping?

Sleeping with one's head facing the west can negatively impact sleep quality and cause restlessness in some people. For this reason, sleeping in this direction might not be suitable for everyone. However, according to Vastu, this sleeping direction can motivate a person to succeed. So, sleepers who want to be successful can consider sleeping pointing the west. 


Sleep is a crucial activity that we all can't do without. This activity essentially resets the body and is critical for mental and physical well-being. However, to fully unlock the great benefits of sleep, sleepers need to carry out certain practices. 

One of the most effective routines for better sleep, according to ancient practices, is sleeping with the head pointing south. Other practices include repainting the bedroom, removing electronics and clutter from the bedroom, etc.  So, if you notice that you don't sleep well, consider changing your sleeping position. This might be the change your body needs. 

Still have questions about the best direction to sleep in Canada? Alex Savy, the Co-Founder and Chief Editor at Comfynorth has reviewed countless sleep products with over 4 years in the industry and can help you find what you’re looking for. Reach out through email at When emailing Alex, include your full name and phone number or email address.


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  1. My head of my bed is on a north wall. Foot of my bed is south. Huge window on the east wall and a huge closet and entrance door on the west. Is that good.

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